White Papers & Case Studies


Water in Air Calculator (download from CAGI)
System Controls Case Study (download from CAGI)
Preparing Reciprocating Air Compressors for Winter (download from CAGI)
Compressor Room Advantages with Oil-Free Centrifugal Air Compressors (download from CAGI)
Latest Trends in Heat Recovery from Industrial Compressed Air Systems (download from CAGI)
Is a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Compressor the Right Choice for Your Facility? (download from CAGI)


Texas Cold Snap – Grid Failure – Hospital Nightmare (download from MGI)
Essential Electrical System Tree (download from MGI)
Emergency Power-Off Testing (download from MGI)
Centralizing campus emergency power (download from CSEMag)


HVAC Codes and Standards: Cooling and Energy Efficiency (download from CSEMag)
Calculating economics of HVAC systems (download from CSEMag)
Your questions answered: How to incorporate controls into HVAC systems (download from CSEMag)