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Tax Exemption Certificates

If you are eligible to receive tax exemption on your rental purchase, please complete the applicable Tax Exemption Certificate and submit with your rental agreement.

Fuel Surcharge - Effective  12/13/2022

HOLT Industrial Rentals imposes a fixed rate fuel surcharge on all invoices. The fuel surcharge will be reviewed and modified, as needed, on a quarterly basis on the first billing day of the month based on the U.S. National Average On-Highway Diesel Fuel Prices (

The fuel surcharge is intended to defray rising delivery and operating vehicle costs, including, but not limited to; vehicle standing costs, running costs, depreciation, etc. Currently, this fuel surcharge will be a minimum of $7.50 per invoice until further notice.

The fuel surcharge is not a government mandated tax or fee. The fuel surcharge is designed to defray a wide range of transportation expenses (both direct and indirect), which are not always recoverable by other transportation charges. HOLT Industrial Rentals can change the amount of the fuel surcharge from time to time in its sole discretion without prior notice. HOLT Industrial Rentals collects these charges as revenue and uses them in its sole discretion. If changes are made, the above information will be updated.


We will continue to be timely and transparent with our billing and process for these surcharges, making sure they are fair and reflect current market conditions.


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Need Help?

Talking to a real person is just a phone call away.

Click to call: 844.660.RENT (7368)